Professional Real Estate Services

Property Maintenance

Management responsibilities cover the development, administration and reporting of all aspects of Maintenance including staff supervision, property inspection, direction of contract work and control over inventory of equipment and supplies.  We will provide the following management services:

  • We conduct the daily supervision of all maintenance staff and subcontractors including overseeing the scheduling and completion of routine assignments and assigning additional tasks as the need arises, evaluating performance of all maintenance employees on an annual basis with recommendations for salary increase or disciplinary action if appropriate.
  • We prepare invitations to bid, and bid documents for major repairs, and obtain three estimates as time permits for extraordinary contract work.  Price advantage is to be considered but not with adverse effect to the quality of the work to be performed.
  • We design and implement a Preventative Maintenance Program for your investment property to insure cost-effective operation of mechanical systems, seasonal landscaping, and periodic exterior structural resurfacing.
  • We implement a schedule for routine upkeep of areas, within budgetary guidelines.
  • We maintain and administer a complete inventory system for all equipment, replacement parts, work materials and supplies, to eliminate the potential for misuse and pilferage.  We will establish policies for the requisition and purchasing of all supplies, controlling access to vendor accounts, and maintaining purchases within budgetary guidelines.
  • We assist in the development of procedures and standards for environmental and architectural quality control that will create a desirable living environment and protect property values.
  • We advise the Board of any deviations from compliance with the requirements of local laws and ordinances, and recommend remedies.
  • We develop and administer programs and schedules including periodic inspections designed to maintain in an optimum condition of repair and/or replacement, all equipment and of all buildings.
  • We develop and administer programs and schedules designed to maintain the grounds and landscaping in optimum condition, including plant care, repair and replacement of sprinkler systems, pavements, pool upkeep, erosion control, etc.  Reports will be made  on a regular basis.
  • In order to facilitate the above buildings and grounds programs, we provide an inventory of all areas of the property, including an annual report of the present condition.
  • We provide an annual inventory of supplies on hand.
  • We provide an emergency call service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with adequate call-back and appointment features for a resolution of maintenance problems.
  • We maintain a system of receiving work order requests from residents for repairs, together with a continuous record of maintenance or repairs for each common area.  Asset Property Services maintains relations with tenants whose complaints and services are received, considered and recorded, in a systematic fashion, in order to show the action that was taken in respect to each.

Maintenance Areas of Supervision (where applicable):


  • Supervision of all landscape contractors.
  • Maintaining grounds thus ensuring aesthetic beauty.


  • Maintaining all common areas.
  • Maintaining building systems, such as electrical, water, heating, ventilating and air conditioning units.
  • Negotiating bids for all contract work and purchase of equipment.

Sewer System

Coordinate with Sewage Treatment Plant Operators on proper operations and preventative maintenance of sanitary systems and regular reporting on operations and corrective actions needed.

Swimming Pool

  • Supervision and scheduling of Lifeguards and other Pool Staff.
  • Maintain Pool in compliance with all Board of Health requirements.
  • Maintain all pool buildings, chemical supplies and water chemistry balance.
  • Ensure continual pool equipment operation.

Periodic inspections of the property and work in progress to discover areas that require attention.

Tennis and Basketball Court Maintenance

Pond/Stream Maintenance

Pest Control/Extermination

Rubbish Removal

Snow Removal

Sidewalk, Roadway and Parking Lot

Exterior Lighting

Repair and replacement for cost effectiveness.