Professional Real Estate Services

Financial Administration Services

Our responsibilities cover the development, administration and reporting of all bookkeeping matters, including budgeting, providing all reports to the investor with an explanation, and general guidance on bookkeeping matters.  We will provide the following management services:

  • We work with the investor in carrying out the bookkeeping policies and in preparation of the year-end financial statement as required.
  • We prepare annual operating budgets and long-term budgets for capital improvements and replacements.
  • We monitor all collections as well as enforce all arrears policies.  We institute, with prior approval from the investor, all legal actions and proceedings for the collection of funds, and forward all necessary information to the investor’s attorney as requested.  The investor will be appraised of status on all cases.
  • We collect all rent, maintenance charges, user fees, late charges from delinquencies, fines, and special assessments levied by the investor.
  • We set up, maintain, and reconcile bank accounts, including Operating, Working Capital, and Reserve Funds, and any other accounts, as designated.
  • We provide proper purchasing and disbursement methods and procedures in accordance with the investor-approved budget guidelines.
  • We keep proper records of all receipts and disbursements resulting from the management and operation of the premises, retaining canceled checks and all necessary records.
  • We prepare computerized monthly statements, including all collections, delinquencies, purchases, disbursements, contracts, cash flows, etc.  Also provided will be reports on resident status and assessments.  We provide balance sheets,  cash flow statements and budget variance reports, assisting the investor in taking corrective action if necessary.
  • We assist the investor in an analysis of all reports and aid in the decisions necessary, ensuring the most productive and profitable decision is made to the benefit of the investor and the tenant.